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    9th National Simposia of Inflamatorry Bowel Diseases, 28-30 September 2017, Bucharest

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    Competitia Nationala: Roza Vanturilor - EPIROM

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The Message of the President

The Message of the President

Dear Colleagues/ Dear friends,

We are together in this ”club” of “fans” IBD for many years. 

With the support of all members of our society leadership and thanks to your enthusiasm Inflammatory Bowel Disease problems in Romania are increasingly better known, maybe better diagnosed and even better treated. 

Unfortunately these diseases it continues to generate problems we anticipate many years ago: more severe cases, cases requiring surgery, cases which have virtually no solutions! It was difficult to estimate this 20 years ago, but changes in lifestyle and maybe the microbiota of Romanians have the consequences that we see. I think that in continuation we should not let ”the guard down”, to further strengthen our ranks and to continue the projects we develop together and to generate new projects meeting regularly at National Congress of Gastro and at our annual meeting RCCC. 

Soon we will post on the site of RCCC an outline of our autumn program meeting when we are waiting for all at Crowne Plazza Bucharest from 29 September and 1 October. 

With friendship, 
Prof Mircea Diculescu


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